Our pricing is simple: $99 per month - unless your API usage costs are higher.

You can cancel at any time, and there are no minimum term or contract requirements.

We believe in providing fair and transparent pricing for all our users, whether you need lots of data or just a little bit.

We offer a 30 day free trial to the API. Once you are subscribed you can view your API usage costs directly in the API section of your dashboard.

We calculate API usage costs based the data returned by your requests. You can see the price per field in the fields documentation.

To help you estimate costs before making a request, you can add the price_quote query parameter to any Houski API request. This will give you the cost of the request without actually executing it, and you won't be charged. See the example below.

Programming language

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Get a price quote for a request
Shell session
curl -X GET ""
TypeScript code
const houski_properties_data = async (): Promise<PropertiesResponse> => {

    // You must copy the PropertiesResponse type declarations from the 
    // Houski API documentation to strongly type the response

    const url = new URL('');
    url.searchParams.set('address', '151-mckerrell-place-se');
    url.searchParams.set('api_key', 'YOUR_API_KEY');
    url.searchParams.set('city', 'calgary');
    url.searchParams.set('country_abbreviation', 'ca');
    url.searchParams.set('price_quote', 'true');
    url.searchParams.set('province_abbreviation', 'ab');
    url.searchParams.set('results_per_page', '3');

    const response = await fetch(url);
    const data = await response.json();

    return data;

(async () => {
let data: PropertiesResponse = await houski_properties_data();

// Log the response
  "cache_hit": true,
  "cost_cents": 0.20000000298023224,
  "data": [
  "error": "",
  "pagination": {
    "current_page": 0,
    "has_next_page": false,
    "has_previous_page": false,
    "page_total": 0
  "price_quote": true,
  "result_total": 0,
  "time_ms": 0,
  "ui_info": {}
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