The predict endpoint is used for predicting various property metrics over time such as list prices, sale prices and rent prices.

This endpoint handles single and batch requests. Batch requests, which enable predictions for multiple properties at once, are useful for analyzing trends across a portfolio of properties.

To see all the fields that can be be predicted, see the fields page.

Example use cases

You can find examples for common use cases on our recipes page.
  1. Local governments can anticipate housing market trends to plan for affordable housing initiatives
  2. Property managers can set competitive rent prices based on predicted market trends
  3. Home buyers can determine the best time to buy a property based on predicted sale prices
  4. Home sellers can decide when to put a property on the market for maximum profit
  5. Data analysts can integrate property prediction data into broader economic models or studies
  6. Mortgage lenders can evaluate the risk of mortgage default based on future property values
  7. App developers can integrate real-time property predictions into apps for various industries, such as finance or real estate
  8. Academic researchers can conduct studies on housing markets and urban development risks using predictive data

Request parameters

api_keyYesUUID v4Authorization API key
property_idYesStringThe target property's ID (for batch selection, seperate ids by a comma)
start_dateYesStringStart date for prediction in YYYY-MM-DD format
fieldsYesStringAny predictable field
periodNo (default: week)StringThe time period for the predictions - day, week, month, year
nextNo (default: 0)IntegerHow many future periods after the start_date to predict
lastNo (default: 0)IntegerHow many previous periods before the start_date to predict

Response object

Type declarations are available at the bottom of this page.

cache_hitBooleanIndicates if the data was retrieved from the cache
cost_centsNumberCost of the API call in cents
dataObjectContains the prediction data
errorStringDetails about the error. Empty if no error
paginationObjectPagination information
price_quoteBooleanRequest is for a price quote
result_totalNumberTotal number of results
time_msNumberTime taken for the request to complete in milliseconds

Example requests and responses

Programming language

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Predict a property's list and sale price

By default, predict endpoint responses are returned in a nested format.

Shell session
curl -X GET "https://api.houski.ca/predict?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&fields=estimate_sale_price,estimate_list_price&last=3&next=3&period=week&property_id=bd9c6fb24c31c772&start_date=2023-02-01"
TypeScript code
const houski_predict_data = async (): Promise<PredictResponse> => {

    // You must copy the PredictResponse type declarations from the 
    // Houski API documentation to strongly type the response

    const url = new URL('https://api.houski.ca/predict');
    url.searchParams.set('api_key', 'YOUR_API_KEY');
    url.searchParams.set('fields', 'estimate_sale_price,estimate_list_price');
    url.searchParams.set('last', '3');
    url.searchParams.set('next', '3');
    url.searchParams.set('period', 'week');
    url.searchParams.set('property_id', 'bd9c6fb24c31c772');
    url.searchParams.set('start_date', '2023-02-01');

    const response = await fetch(url);
    const data = await response.json();

    return data;

(async () => {
let data: PredictResponse = await houski_predict_data();

// Log the response
  "cache_hit": false,
  "cost_cents": 0.14000000059604645,
  "data": [
      "predictions": [
          "date": "2023-01-11",
          "estimate_list_price": 254710.671875,
          "estimate_sale_price": 227860.671875
          "date": "2023-01-18",
          "estimate_list_price": 254613.90625,
          "estimate_sale_price": 239898.640625
          "date": "2023-01-25",
          "estimate_list_price": 255646.890625,
          "estimate_sale_price": 239950.078125
          "date": "2023-02-01",
          "estimate_list_price": 255511.484375,
          "estimate_sale_price": 239258.640625
          "date": "2023-02-08",
          "estimate_list_price": 259361.96875,
          "estimate_sale_price": 239330.078125
          "date": "2023-02-15",
          "estimate_list_price": 259361.96875,
          "estimate_sale_price": 239330.078125
          "date": "2023-02-22",
          "estimate_list_price": 259329.53125,
          "estimate_sale_price": 243337.578125
      "property_id": "bd9c6fb24c31c772"
  "error": "",
  "price_quote": true,
  "result_total": 1,
  "time_ms": 935

Response type declarations

TypeScript code
interface PredictResponse {
    cache_hit: boolean;
    cost_cents: number;
    data: PredictData[];
    error: string;
    price_quote: boolean;
    result_total: number;
    time_ms: number;

interface PredictData {
    property_id: string;
    predictions: Prediction[];

interface Pagination {
    current_page: number;
    has_next_page: boolean;
    has_previous_page: boolean;
    page_total: number;