Frequently asked questions

Is Houski's data accurate?

Houski's data continually becomes more accurate over time. There are no truly reliable sources of real estate data anywhere, which is the problem Houski aims to solve. Always use the relevant professionals when you need data to be as accurate as possible. For example, if you need to know a house's value, a professional appraiser will be your best bet, as they'll do a thorough investigation of the exact specifics of the property.

Where does Houski get it's data?

Similar to Wikipedia, Houski's primary source of information is is you - the public. We also look for publicly available real estate data from virtually any source we can find it - the real trick is combining it all together and making sense of it.

How does Houski make money?

We sell property data. This is very different from companies that sell personal data, as property data is entirely anonymous. For example, a company making a cool home insurance app could use Houski's data to pre-fill out a form with information about the property's square footage and other features, streamlining the transaction.